Pitchy.io bringing you the easy way to build forms online.

Clean, fully responsive, extremely flexible form building that allows you to add a fee if desired.

Custom form creation

The most flexible form builder platform, ever!

Whether you simply need a name and email address collected, or additional details including address, references, or even uploaded signed documents to complete a form submission, the pitchy platform allows you to create the most customised form to meet your requirements in a brilliantly simply way.

You may be wanting to collect funds for your local car boot pitches or allow users to apply for licences by submitting their details, finishing with a payment of an amount you choose. This is all easily configured with the pitchy platform that also offers all the common payment methods ready to be used straight out the box.

Simple Dashboard

Have all the information you need at your fingertips.

The admin dashboard allows you to create additional users to help manage your account, create the forms and view the responses.

Reports including current payment transactions, billing and customer activity is all available online, for export and customised via filters.


All forms will display correctly on any device whether mobile, tablet or a desktop.


Set start and end dates for your form applications.


Set any price against a form submission or set pricing rules based on form data.


All forms are completed over SSL as well as any payments required.


Study the data recieved and any monies collected.


Designed to be easy for both the form creators and the customers submitting their details.

Charities can enjoy a 15% discount on semi pro, business and elite plans!

We truly care about our users and believe in our product.